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DataPeople Graphics is a brilliant Translucent Image Masking and Image Editing outsourcing company in the globe provides the wonderful quality of Photoshop Translucent Image masking services on account of overseas clients. We have over many years of professional experience in offering superfine quality of Translucent Image masking services with quick turnaround and most competitive price.

Photoshop Translucent Image Masking is amazing expansion of Photoshop masking. Translucent Image Masking can make semi-transparent or translucent images/photos where normal clipping path or Image Masking (Layer/Channel) service is almost fail to find out for the optimistic better results. DataPeople Graphics is always a very much expert in completing quality translucent image masking services faultlessly.

  • Remove or Knockout semi-transparent/translucent image from original background
  • Create translucency for no distorting the transparency
  • Erase background colors from transparent pictures/images
  • Keep store composite clipping path/outline selection of every image in order to next time utilization
  • We agree to allow all sort of Image shadow like natural, drop and reflection to work smoothly finishing touch

The most important job of Photoshop translucent masking is to perform for Images translucent over glass, smoke, net lightning, liquid, highlights and fine-edge Jewelries that make sense images practically translucent to remove the background of semi-transparent or translucent images/graphics. Translucent Image Masking is the most potential technique in Photoshop for removing unwanted pixels from images/photographs.

Translucent Image Masking service is applied broadly on different product catalogues. It has an effective application unique solution for semi-transparent or translucent masking. In online stores, product promotion and all kinds of advertisement that field are some excellent features in Photoshop Translucent photo/Image Masking are as follows:


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