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DataPeople Graphics offers Pre press Publishing Services with wonderful design concept for traditional and digital print both cases. Our expert professionals use a wide range of Photoshop applications like Adobe Photoshop, Quark-press, In-Design and more options in services. Our intelligent team can easily understand about clients requirement and take the necessary action about work and has a widespread experience with data conversion projects from paper-based media and electronic files.

We create e-books according to your choice in various formats depending on the source format like viz, PostScript, Quark, Frame-Maker and Word. DataPeople Graphics has a dedicative Prepress Publishing Services employee with sound experienced in E-Publishing content related to technical, scientific, educational, medical, and literary works some other crucial formats are listed as below:

  • PML Conversion
  • E-book Conversion
  • Adobe E-book Conversion
  • Microsoft Word Palm Doc Conversion
  • Instant E-book Microsoft Reader Conversion
  • Palm Reader Instant E-book Conversion
  • Plain Text Conversion HTML
  • Microsoft Reader HTML
  • Plain Text E-book (KML) Conversion
  • Typesetting Services & Digital Prepress
  • E-Publishing Services
  • Mob-Pocket Conversion Services
  • Flash E-Book/Interactive Media
  • Digitization and data conversion services

DataPeople Graphics offers Digital Prepress Publishing Services layout to global clients with innovative and sensibility way which helps to create tremendous & attractive appearing pages and meaningful one. Our highly skillful graphics team offers Pre-press designing layout, Pre-media content production and E-Publishing services to the publishing industry include editorial services/ copyediting/SGML/ XHTML/ XML tagging. Besides that other document structuring, page composition and page layout in order to online delivery, e-books, media initiatives and Print publishing.

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Pre press Publishing Services

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