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We provide color separation services:

  • Each single black & white color regeneration
  • Black & white halftones are used to provide depth
  • Spot Colors are applied for the purpose of screening or silk screen printing
  • Getting more colors effect with the utilization of halftone Spot Colors
  • Full or Multi color reproduce for creative artwork
  • We use 3 colors halftones for better appearance results
  • Offer latest color separation version for your artwork
  • Provide color separation service that is acceptable for printing version as well
  • Use color separation artwork files for each & every part of logo as a complete object
  • This procedure is needed to apply during color separation
  • We are capable to cut the overlapping piece of other colors

The process of generating color separation is totally depends on number of 3 features as follows:

Simulated Process:

The technique of simulated process we offer is the fully capability to whole color images on dark or light colors. 12 fundamental colors can be utilized with any ordering combination.

Process color:

Process color is one of color separations scheme which creates hand adjusted or screen print for specific profiles to get optimal results. Basically a highlighted white screen is greatly recommended in controlling dot increase in the ranges of lighter color.

Bump plates are added for custom colors matching or print stability when needed at the time of color separation services. It is vigorously emphasized to process colors in order to merely white garments.

Custom colors:

Custom colors are another color separation procedure that might be used for isolating colors when required in practical image manipulation execution in order to creating entire separations. Custom colors can be implied on account of all sort of color outside of the primary or simulated process.

Color Separation Sample

Color SeparationColor CorrectionR_9R_10

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