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It is possible to create wonderful effects like text filled along with a photograph in faster way by the Photoshop clipping mask techniques. The main concern of clipping masks are simplification of process of editing, limiting the excellent effect of adjustment of layers for a portion of any image. Clipping mask or masking performs in smart and useful ways in Photoshop. It has got the marvelous popularity among the people around the global people those who require smoothly perfection for image manipulation. The clipping mask feature is considered is used often to generate text effects in which texts appear like the cut it from a photo & other uses that will examine in a bit concept.

Photoshop features provide a group of clipping and masking techniques in order to masking all categories of photos or images. Any image manipulation & masking task will be done one of the simple manners through the application of clipping mask. You are permitted to execute on clipping mask to manipulate business concerning photos/images creating multiple layers. Clipping masking characterizes over many images considering the text creating multiple layers and finally wonderful output will be appeared greatly.

You can create transparent your mask in another way that is clipping mask. It is mixed up on different layers. Each overlying layers may be visualized conveying the benefit of clipping masks. At least 2 or more layers are needed to make a clipping mask. How to generate clipping masking effect that is shown as follows:

How To Generate Clipping Masking Effect That Is Shown As Follows

  • Copy ClipArt images or pictures on the clipboard.
  • Create new documents by the contents with transparent background.
  • Make more new layer.
  • Insert necessary pictures from the clipboard.
  • Just switch to the transparent bottom layer and then paint any region with the Photoshop brush.

Sample of Clipping Mask

142143clipping + Masking Bclipping + Masking

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